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Club penguin is a fun,interactive websites for kids
you can play mini-games to earn money to buy things for members mostly
you can chat with other penguins around the world
meet famous penguins known to club penguin like Candance,sensi,and more.
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Hi, there!

Club penguin is extremely fun! (That is if you are interested in interacting, chatting, and hanging out with other penguins "people.)

First you create a username and password, and second choose your penguin's color. Thirdly, you choose if you want safechat or just ordinary chat. Safe chat is where you can only select from a list of options what you say, ordinary chat allows you to have more freedom in what you type. :)

- Hope this helps!
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You can play games, become friends, earn coins and buy clothes but buying clothes and igloo furniture and igloos is only for members and WARNING if you say a bad word you get banned for the next 24 hours
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It is a game that many children play. The game is for ages 6-14. In fact, I play the game! Basically on CP [Club Penguin] you can earn coins by playing mini games like cart surfing, surfing on waves, puffle round-up, sledding, four in a row, and much more. There are many different places on Club Penguin where you can go and explore. A new newspaper comes out weekly. And each month they have a new catalog of items [the giftshop catalog, sportshop catalog, and stage catalog]. There is lots you can do on that game. Go to and make an account and explore the island. When you first sign up, you'll need to activate your account by logging into your hotmail or any other e-mail and accepting that you've made a penguin, then it will be activated. Then you can sign in, when you first sign in there will be a tutorial telling you how to play. Have fun!! :-)
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Club penguin is a virtual world where you can have your own penguin that you can name,make friends and help club penguiners.....
You can be a member for a month for £4 where you will be able to buy clothes and things for your house!
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Club penguin means a game that you can meet friends play games and buy stuffs if your a member
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Its a website that you can walk around, buy clothes, do missions, chat make buddies. You can also decorate your "HOUSE". (Igloo) lol!! Its my fav I'm a member
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Oh my gosh OOPS! Sorry I know what Club Penguin is. Ummmm...... Well I wanted to answer a question that said what is club penguin but I accidentally asked the question I already have an account. His name is Percy Ciani if you ever see him while you play!
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Club penguin is an online virtual safe world for people of all ages you first start out by making your penguin (you can make more than one)you first pick a penguin colour then a name then you choose your password and if you find anyone going on to your account or anything changing on your account just change your password then you give them your e-mail and they send you an activation e-mail (if you can't find one in your inbox check the junk mail it might be there)then click on the activation link in the e-mail which should open up another club penguin window but you have to close the other window now next look back in your e-mail and you should see a activation code beneath your penguin account details then you type the activation code into the the box that says activation code next to it into the other club penguin window that popped up in the e-mail then you type you other details into the box then you click on the big button on the top of the screen that says play now on it then you should go to another page then you click the button on the bottom that says start then you should come to a login page this is where you login your penguin then type in your details into the boxes and you will come to a page of servers it doesnt matter what one you click on but the ones with speech bubbles on them you will not be able to talk on them except for the writing they have on the chat bar that has a picture of a speech bubble on and lots of writing will pop up and then you click on the writing you want to say when you login into the server there will be a box popping up saying will you like to take the toturial I would if I were a begginer then when you login you must follow the rules and you can chat to your friends make new friends online and play games earn more coins send people mail and by lots of cool things and by some puffles (puffles are little fury balls that come in all different colours and you can only bye the red or blue one  if you are a non-member)go on new adventures play games to earn coins and read the weekly news that comes out every thursday earn jobs like a secret agent a baker and a tour guide have fun and look out for any misbehaved penguins and watch out for friends
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Tons Of Stuff To Do!
Games: Such as Beans counter, Hydro Hopper,DJ3K, and many more! =)
Make Friends: Member Friends, Non-Member Friends
Hang out: In places like dance club,coffee shop, book room, plaza, pet shop and many more! =D
Decorate Igloo: (For members only) with things like blue couch, rock lamp, puffle feeder & more!
Adopt Puffle, Non-Members get the blue and red puffle for 800 coins, Members get the blue,red,pink,black,orange,white,yellow,green and purple!
Parties:have fun at awesome parties each with new decorations every time! (some parts for members only) and grab some free items on the way!
Dress Up: (catalog members only) (party items member and non-member) have fun looking in the sports and clothing catalog while picking through cool clothes such as yellow scarf,Pink earmuffs,Lavender dress and more!
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Gir Lover
Gir Lover commented I barely play club penguin now so just ignore the "i love club penguin!! (and signed up since march 2007) everything besides that is true!! :)
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ITS NOT A LITTLE KIDS' GAME!!!!  It is for ages 6-14 and is the BEST ONLINE GAME IN HISTORY lol!!  I've been on it for 3 years and I love it !!!  You get to play mini games earn coins solve mysteries buy clothes attend parties and chat with other penguins! Also you can take care of your igloo!!!  You have to buy a real-life membership to get any cool stuff and thats how they make their money so I have a membership !!  One last thing you can also  buy little pets called puffles which you have to take care of REALLY well so they don't run away- and a pirate called Rockhopper sometimes comes on, (he is famous and has a pet red puffle called Yarr!) with other famous penguins like Cadence and Gary the Gadget Guy, Sensei, and Aunt Arctic also making appearances!
Ahhhhhhhhh best game ever!!  I'm going to like be on it for life lol!!!!  YOU should try it I'll friend you.
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Club penguin is a childrens entertainment vitrual world and the ages are for 4-15. There are famous bots that love exploring club penguin such as rockhopper,Aunt artic, Gary the gadget guy, Sensei, Candence, and the penguin band. Also there are puffles, Red that likes surfing, Pink that loves to get the lasso, Black that loves to work with technology, Orange that loves to eat eat eat, Brown that loves to invent, Purple that loves to dance, White that loves to be in the snow, Blue that loves to be lazy and others. They celebrate april fools(wich is in 3 more days) and all types of celebrations.In every celebration you get a free gift. There are over 60 servers to choose from and chat and around about 10 safe chats to keep your children safe from strangers. You can upgrade igloos, Put music and customize them as well as your character and also unlock book codes and get 100 penguin coins.You will play till the end of the day so come on and join press the blue button and like always waddle around and meet new friends!
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Club penguin is a childrens online world. They can play games, earn stuff and buy little animals called puffles. I would give it three out of five stars because children can say many rude or men hurtful things. You have to pay real money to be a member, yet you can have a free account where you can not buy anything more than to puffles and very few things.
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Club Penguin is a game that has penguins that you can play, and chat with tons of ppl. You can play it with a mac, or pc. :D well um you can be a paying "member" by paying $5.95 a month per penguin. Oh, yea it's completely monitored and everything, so no personal info can get through the filter. Hope I helped :D

(Member since early summer of '08)
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Its a game for kids signing up is free but it cost real money to buy clothes on it.
Its is an interactive website where you are a penguin and you waddle around and meet new friends
It's a website where you can play games and chat
Its a cool and famous Disney pc game that was invented in 2000 and put on pc in 2004
me and my sis really dig it thanks for reading and hoped it helped :)
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It is a virtual world were children who have made a penguin on it can meet up and see each other and chat to each other. You can play mini games that earn virtual money that can be used to buy clothes and igloos and furniture. Other "penguins" can visit other penguins igloos and they see eachother. They add "buddies" can there is a note on the screen when their "buddy" comes online. Its a great game for kids and reccoment any child between the ages of 6 and 14 create a penguin account and play.
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Hi,EveryoneClub penguin is a safe a virtual game for kids were they can learn to chat online,If you want to buy clothes you`ll need to be a member but if your a non-member and a member there`s still free clothe`s on parties and if you child starts to cheat theres a few websites for them but if you don't need cheats don't use them ok? My cp name is xxsally1637 hope to meet you on clubpenguin-Rainbo
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Oh my god! Club penguin is the best game ever! You can play awesome games, earn coins that you can then spend on cool stuff on club penguin if you buy a membership, you can also meet famous penguins like Rockhopper (who has a puffle named yarr), Aunt Artic, Gary the gadget guy, the penguin band, Cadence, and Sensi, also if your a member you can buy puf-fles, oh and if your wondering its not a little kids game teenagers play it, also you can friend people, earn new stamps, send postcards, and chat, also if your a member you can make your own igloo and throw partys there, plus on holidays they throw partys and you can get free stuff for your penguin! ITS THE BEST GAME EVER! YOU ROCK CP!
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Its is an interactive website where you are a penguin and you waddle around and meet new friends
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I love club penguin its so fun! You make a penguin and meet other people or
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Clubpenguin is a virtual online site where your avatar is a penguin and you interact with others. I find clubpenguin to be very fun. I have met a lot of friends and to me there is nothing better than clubpenguin!
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I have a club penguin account it is fun it is safe because its made by disney and my penguin is Zing Zang1 if you see me say "hola"lol.
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Club Penguin ( is a very fun interactive online game where you waddle around and meet new friends. They have lots of parties and lots of places to explore and make friends around the world. You customize your very own penguin and just do what ever you want on that game as long as you don't cuss or you will get banned. This game is absolutly free unless you want to become a member but it is not that expensive and is more fun when you a re one, but that is opsional. My penguins' name is Percy Ciani if any one of you people see him online.
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Club Penguin( is a interactive children website with lots of party's and stuff.Also non-members and members can play mini games like,Hydro Hopper,Dance Contest,DJ3K.Also become a ninja and while becoming a ninja you may earn some belts there are a number of belts you earn from 'Sensei.'Our trainor of club penguin as ninjas.Also there is DJ Candence who never comes out.Rockhopper ALWAYS comes for CP!Rockhopper is a pirate who has a puffle named Yarr.Club Penguin allows you to chat with friends and make friends too.Also send mail to buddies or non-buddies.Have fun waddling!Oh,and be sure to add me.My penguin is Pluppy183.(SIGNED UP FOR CP IN 2007.)=)
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Club Penguin is an internet game that is mainly for children but you can have it at whatever age. On club penguin you can adopt puffles which are little fluffball pets and they take responsibility because you need to feed them, clean them and take them for walks. You can also become a secret agent and complete missions. Or you could become a tour guide and organise tours. There are always different events going on one of the biggest ones being coin for change. You can also chat to othe penguins which is good fun. It is also an excellent opportunity to make new friends. And you can even decorate your igloo. It is very addictive. :) x
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Club penguin is a really fun childrens game! I have been playing for about 2 years! Well when you first start off you choose a penguin color and make up a name. Then you go on and choose a server it doesnt matter wich one you choose though. You have a small igloo but you can't buy another one unless you are a member wich cost real money $5.95 a month and I always become a member because its fun and not a waste of money! When your a member you can buy clothes, igloos, things to decorate your igloos, puffles witch are little puff balls that are your penguins pets,and much more! If your a non member thats ok. You can still play games buy backrounds  and pins for your penguin and have a lot of fun becoming a ninja and a tourest! There are a lot of places on the map to go to and have fun! Even if your not a member you can go on the map and go to member igloos and see what its like to be a member! I hope you have a great time on club penguin! And if you ever see me around please say hi! My penguin name is waddler566! Good luck and Good day to you!
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Hi i have an account too! If you see me on Club Penguin, my name is Cheery39980! Make sure you say your name" Ashleyt89" so i can remember you are on Blurtit! I hope i see you!
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Alright but i made a new penguin named alice 568 so you can find me as that one. Also, i cant say ashleyt89 because it wont show. So how bout i butter? And if ur you, you can say jelly haha! Ok see you around!
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I already answered her\his question.
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Http:// is a very fun and amazing virtual world. This allows you to create anaccount and talk to other people live. There are heaps of rooms in Club Penguin like the Dojo Courtyard. Within each room there are heaps of games and activities. You can become a member, but you will have to pay real money.
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Cp is an awesome website that you can play chat but not use inapropriate lenguage  and you can add, ignore or report for a reson and have fun playing games it is tottaly free unless you want to buy clothes and for that you have to pay eather mexican peso the pices would be:
Monthly 52.00mxn 6 months255.00mxn  a year 489.00mxn. And us dollar prices would be:
Monthly 5.95dollar 6 month 29.95dollar 1 year 57.95 dollars Woot so these are the prices for member ship Lol!
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It is a game were you can play games and get coins and there is different avents that happen but if you want to buy stuff you have to be a member and to be that you have to pay
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Its a fun interactive site for kids of all ages where you can get friends clothes but it costs money to get clothes real money but to sigh up thats free
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Its a fun MMORPG that is sponsored by Disney, when Disney came club penguin was a wreck :'(. Their old players want to quit (me.). Its for mainly 5-12 year olds...

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