What Is The Comparison Between Lan Wan And Man?


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Local Area Network (LAN) is a network in a small place, like home, building, or school etc. The important feature of LANs, as compared to Wide Area Networks (WANs) is that LAN has very good data transfer rates, is workable at smaller area, and don’t need lots of cables.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is used for big area as compared to LAN, from many blocks of buildings to complete city. They will often offer methods for internetworking of local networks. Metropolitan area networks can range up to 50km with the help of modem and wire/cable.

Wide Area Network (WAN) covers a broad area. In contrast with LANs and MANs, which are restricted to a room, building or specific city; the WAN is much larger than both. A very good example of WAN is internet.

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