What Is The Difference Between Lan,man,wan?


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Interesting question. LAN is Local Area Network. 10 years ago, that meant a network residing in a building, or maybe a couple buildings, but not traversing much area.  MAN is Metropolitan Area Network. These networks sprawled out as much as 20 miles.  Municipalities are a good example of who used MANs. WANS are networks that cross states, or even nations. The larges of these is the Internet.  

Current day standards ("popular reckoning" says that we only use 2 different kind of networks: LANs and WANs.  MANs are categorized by who is using them now, rather than having their own distinct categories.  This isn't accurate, but in the industry, that's how people classify them.
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7. Isn't a metropolitan area network just a big local area network? Explain your answer.

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