Describe Some Benefits Of Computer Networks?


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Some benefits of computer networks are given below.
(1) Computers which are connected through a network can share resources as hard drives, printers, scanners etc with each other.
(2) They can send file from one computer to another quite easily.
(3) You can connect all the computers which are connected through a network to the internet by using a single line. So it means that you can save the connection cost for each computer but you internet connection must be fast.
(4) IF you want to access data from the other computer which is the part of network then you can access data from that computer.

(5) Users can run those programs which are not installed on their computers but are installed on any other user's computer. This is a very huge advantage, and you can get benefit from it in many circumstances. For example, suppose you have not enough space in your computer to install a program so in this case, if your desired program is available on other user's computer then you can run that. Similarly, if you have space in your computer then you can copy that program other user's computer into your PC.
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A network is a collection or group of two or more computers that cleverly share hardware or software strategy with each other. A network can be as small and simple as two computers that share the printer and CD-ROM drive attached to one of them or as large as the world's largest network: the Internet.

One of the best advantages of networking is data storage on one or more locations. You can design the storage server on your network which have the huge storage capacity, all the user on the network connect with the storage server for storing and retrieving data.
Secondly major important advantage of networking is the printer sharing, if you have the LAN Printer on your network then you can access and share resources of printer from any location of the network.

A shared printer, on the other hand, can be controlled remotely and can store print jobs from different computers on the print server's hard disk. Users can change the sequence of print jobs, hold them, or cancel them. And, sharing of the device can be controlled through passwords, further differentiating it from a switchbox.

Almost any storage or output device can be shared over a network, but the most general devices include: Printers, Disk drives, CD-ROM and optical drives, Modems, Fax machines, Tape backup units, Scanners Entire drives, selected folders, or individual files can be shared with other users via the network.
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Give the example to describe the benefits of networking
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A network of computer is a group of inter connected systems that provides sharing services and interacting by means of a shared communications link. Computer networking can provide services and reduce the cost of equipment of an organization. Networking Model may be server based or peer to peer. In server based network model, Server receives requests from client and provides them services, resources were managed centralized. On the other hand in peer to peer networking resources were de-centralized.

Through networking of computer it can be sharing of files and data on different computers and can be accessed remotely.

Networking can reduce the cost of equipments of an organization through sharing printers and other devices. One printer is enough for an organization if they properly manage and handle the printer activities. Printer will be installed on a system and share it for other systems to send print from other systems.

Administrator can easily perform administration tasks of whole network without going to different locations. Installation of application and other problems of systems can be solved remotely.

It can be managed security of files and data of an organization. Server based network model provides better services to secure our important files and data while in peer to peer network model data and files can be secured at individual level. Some users can be restricted to access the shared files / folders and it can be secured from un authorization access of files and folders through operating systems security features.

It can be provide better services and support network applications. For example email can be managed within and outside the organization through mail server and database client / server application can be organized through configure a database server and provide services to clients.
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Networks connect limitless number of computers. This in turn
connects the people using those computers. Individuals within a work group are
connected through local area networks. Many LANs in far off locations are
interconnected through larger wide area networks (WANs).

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