What Are Keys For Dish Network?


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Geeze you' guys... Not real hard to find these last months, except it won't do you any good lately. They are now using electronic countermeasures instead of changing decryption keys every so often... At any rate, if you really want to know more about this and get the keys as they change, etc try '' Won't do you any good though; unless you have or get a receiver that allows firmware updates. Good luck. Nuff said. Figure it out like I do? We, behave. It could consume you if you knew what you were asking! ;-P The truth is out there...
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I know two Dish Network keys:

• Key96: 5B 27 8C AF D0 1E A5 A6 D7 74 3B A6 before 21 17 97
• Key86: B8 59 DF CF 32 DD 87 6C 3B D1 37 03 07 60 30 6A

Hope this will help
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Will these keys work with east coast satellites 110 and 119
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