In A Network Design Project, A Network Designer Needs To Select A Device To Provide Collision Free Connections To 40 Hosts On The LAN. Which Device Should Be Selected?


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If in a network design project a network designer needs to select a device to provide collision free connections to 40 hosts on the LAN, the network switch device should be selected. A network switch connects network segments through processing data and routing it to the necessary locations. They are used in most modern Ethernet connection networks. The switches create a collision domain for each switch port. They consist of multiple layers, which allow the various hosts to communicate without disrupting one another. In an office environment, a multi-layered switch should be used to connect hosts, but in the home a smaller switch would be more suitable.

  • The benefits of constructing a network
There is a range of benefits associated with created a network consisting on Ethernet connections. A network allows various computer devices in close proximity to one another to communicate with ease. Networks speed up the process of data transfer, so processes take much less time than they would over a typical Internet connection. They can be utilized both in the home and in the office for optimal convenience and efficiency.

  • The potential problems with using a network
Using an unsecure network could leave your computer devices prone to virus infections or malware threats. You could have valuable information stolen such as credit card details or sensitive government information. For this reason, it is important to ensure any network you use is secure. You can secure your network using anti-virus software, which should cover the full network. In addition, make sure all the systems involved in a network have password keys, so unauthorized access can't take place. If you are working with employees in an organization, they should be away of the precautions that must be taken to keep the network secure.

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