Plz Tell Us Some Applications Of Gsm Technology?


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There are basically three fields in today’s engineering that use the GSM technology: Standardized digital telecommunication (mobile phones), home automation, and test equipment for dangerous environments in telemetry (for both protection of the personnel and accuracy of data collected).

Due to the incredibly fast implementation of mobile phones all over the world, the GSM technology has become almost synonym to mobile communication. As a second generation of cellular networks, following the analog devices and preceding the UTMS (3G) protocols, GSM allows duplex standards (simultaneous data exchange in both directions) at an affordable price. Ever since the beginning of the mobile era, the GSM technology has provided the best cost/efficacy ratio. It is estimated that every person in the world makes an average of 1000+ phone calls per year. Now imagine a world without GSM mobile phones.

Because the GSM technology deals with radio waves, during the last decade it has become a good solution for home automation systems. This refers to using GSM protocols and devices for programming various tasks (to open the windows, to close the garage door, to start the washing machine at 18:00, and so on), dealing with the lighting system or even for security reasons. A good offer of home automation covers just about every electrical device in your house.

Even before introducing the GSM technology to the large public, experts in telemetry used it for two main reasons: Remote data acquisition and safety. Not only can radio waves increase the speed of data collection, but they increase the amount of information by sending numbers and facts from inaccessible or unsecure places. For example, machines can record the seismic activity from earthquake fault lines and send data safely to a lab for further analysis. In the long run, the costs of such tests are incredibly small in comparison to the importance of information they collect, whereas the efficiency of the safety measures is indeed incalculable.

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