How To Fix Vertical Line On A Zenith TV?


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raymond wade answered
Take back off tv and look for a connection that the screen hooks to and check and make sure it is tight in place and so on with the rest off the hook ups connections,or you can turn tv on and play something that has a dark background and take a piece of cloth an put it on the end of a pen or pencil and tap lightly or if needed a bit more on the red pixel's cause sometimes more than likely the pixel's are just stuck...hope this helps you out
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John Benzema answered

You need a pixel un-sticker, or a dead pixel fixer...What u will need to do is somehow connect your pc to your tv, or get to play this.

Those are dead pixels. It's common to happen on an lcd tv. To my knowledge the only way to fix it is to take it to a repair shop. It should take a week at the least, although I'm not sure how much it'll cost. Here are also a PPI Calculator that through which you can calculate pixels density instantly.

Good Luck!

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