I Have Vertical Lines Of Color On My LCD Tv. There Are Quite A Few Of Them And They Are A Veriety Of Colors. After The Tv Is Turned On For A While, So Of The Lines Disappear. Is This Problem Fixable?


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We all got screwed I am going back to tube tv
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Sounds as though you may be experiencing a lamp problem, is the warning light blinking on the screen?
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We have the same problem with our Sony 52" widescreen. We had a repairman come to our house, he charged us $90 and couldn't figure it out. He suggested a $1200 part... Needless to say I showed him the door. My husband replaced the lamp but it still has the vertical lines. I'm talking lots of lines. It seems that if we unplug the tv and leave it alone for a while, then it's fine, but that only lasts for a short time and then it's vertical lines once again.

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