My Tv Turns Itself On And Off Every Few Seconds. Is It Fixable?


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It's not a great sign.

You don't mention the make or model.  But I had a similar problem. I had a 52" RCA rear projection tv.  It would do this when I initially turned on the television, but then after a few "on/off, on/off, on/off" cycles it would stay on. Eventually it started doing it more; until finally there was a spark and that was it. The tv was dead.

The bloggers called it "the blinking green light of death" (because of green light on the panel).

The power board is going out.  Either get a repair man to look at it right away or enjoy the time you have left.  Depending on the make & model, it may just be cheaper to by a new LCD flat panel tv.  That's what I did.

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