My pc turns off automatically after few seconds. Sometimes it works for a few minutes but after that it doesnot works for 2-3 days ( it keeps turning off after a few seconds). Please help me?


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Maurice Korvo answered

Could be so many things... Too much dirt/dust on the chips (have you ever cleaned your pc inside?)  could be one chip is loose and loses contact as it heats up, could be software problem.. If you cannot afford a new computer, you could get it checked out at a computer repair place.

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Rohan Kumar answered

Well, I am a 14 year old boy and just about to be in 10th class. So my father will not buy a new pc for me as 10th class means a lot study. But anyways thanks for the help. I will get it checked.

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Happy Serfing answered

Change os And install A new os

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Pearl Lederman answered

just take it to a cornputer place and get it fixed

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ly fen chen answered

Mine is used a long time now, it 's as yours and i 've got it fixed i use it everyday even it turned off. The best way is buy a new one, that's all.

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