How Do You Replace The Bulb On The Sony Kdf42we655 Model?


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The full explanation on how to change your bulb is available on pages 17 to 19 of the instruction manual, with an overview on page 16. 

If however you did not receive the manual or if it has been misplaced, you can order it, as a free PDF, from the Sony website by sending them an email. 

Please note that the bulb is referred to as ‘the lamp’ throughout the manual and that you are not advised to use any lamp other than a Sony XL-2100, XL-2100 (for WE655 series) or XL-2200 (for WF655 series).  If you need a replacement lamp they can be ordered from the Sony website. 

The following are only basic instructions,  for more detailed instructions please see the manual.

First, turn off the power on the main unit and wait several minutes before unplugging the power cord.  You must then wait at least 30 minutes for the lamp to cool down as it will be extremely hot. To extract the old bulb by removing the back of the panel  you will have to remove the screws that fasten the back panel to the set and also remove the screws that secure the lamp in place. Be careful, during this procedure, to avoid touching the glass of the old lamp as it may still be hot. 

Once you have removed the lamp place in into the new lamp’s old box rather than placing it into a plastic bag or leaving it loose.  Screw the new lamp into the old lamps position being careful not to shake it or touch the glass as this can damage the lamp.  Reattach the panel assuring that it is correctly slotted into place and the screws firmly inserted and you should be done!  Happy watching!
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Loosen the two thumb screws at each end of the lower front panel where the power switch is until you feel it disengaged. Pry the panel, don't be scared that you might break it, it's just held by two expanding cylindrical retainers, set aside. The lamp is covered by the grey plastic panel on the left that has a thumb screw which in turn is also held by another grey plastic panel with four phillips screws. Remove screws and loosen the thumb screw. Remove the grey panels. The lamp is on the left and held by two shiny allen driven screws, loosen screws with an allen wrench then pull out the lamp housing.
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Sony kdf42we655 open with care fully and replace the bulb

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