What is Keyword stemming?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

The search results returned would be having the word ” Beauty” in it. Or you can say that it adding prefix, suffix in the keyword. Stemming algorithm reduces the words "SEO in India", "SEO India", and "search engine optimization in India" to the root word, "India SEO".

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Keyword Stemming is the process of using a popular keyword and modifying it in order to generate more hits from search engines.

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Keyword stemming could be a really useful tool for web pages and search engine optimization. An example of keyword stemming could be if you took the word “guest blog” and made additional keywords out of words such as “guest blogging”, “guest blog” “guest blogger” and “guest blogs” .However, remember that  Google doesn’t use keyword stemming for all search queries, uses a query-specific algorithm instead. It is important to know that ranking for a targeted term will depend on the user’s query.

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