What Is Photoshop?


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This software is very popular in the designer community because of its stunning and new features with the help of which designer can made beautiful graphics very quickly.
It is very good software for changing digital images or making own graphics.

Photo shop is compatible with many operating systems like MAC ,windows any version and the new version of Photo shop 10.0 can even run on the Linux using some software. The images made in the Photo shop are used increasingly for the web.

In Photo shop you can use many colours adjustments like RGB, CMYK, Gray scale, Bitmap, Duotone and Lab colours.
There is much more facilities in the filter option to enhance our digital image or any image.
Photo shop is best for making web graphics like banners, templates, and also can make the interactive menus and many more things. There is also the facility of making website of your photo gallery.
With the passage of time there come many new plug ins for Photo shop which have good features for use.
Well simply I would say that Photo shop has given the revolution to the digital photography.
Photo shop can edit many file formats like jpg ,gif ,bmp ,and can also edit fireworks formats.
Its default saving format is .psd .
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Photoshop is an image editing application that has a wide range of tools and commands that alter an image digitally. Photoshop uses bitmap images for editing. A bit map image consists of a rectangular grid, called a raster, which is made up of pixels or dots of colour; the image is like a digital mosaic. When editing a bitmap, you are editing the colour the colour values of each individual pixel.
Photoshop can be used for a variety of reasons. For instance, it can be used to edit colour, retouching, correcting red eye and other mistakes and for compositing. It can also be used creatively in the field of graphic arts to create visually attractive images. It can also be used to alter images for advertising or publication. Photoshop can be used by professionals and amateurs alike. There are many free Photoshop tutorials and forums available online for both the beginner and more advanced user.
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Photoshop is a wonderful graphics editing software where you can create images and apply effects to a photo such as sketch effect: http://redpenredtemper.info/?p=232  and this is helpful in creating digital scrapboook.
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Photoshop is a programme produced by Adobe. It originally started out as a photo manipulation programme, but has since progressed into a programme that is used for people to digitally enhance their artwork, or start their artwork from scratch. Nowadays, this is mainly done using a graphics tablet.

You can import and export files from Photoshop to other Adobe related programmes, such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe ImageReady.

Photoshop has many features, including a paintbrush tool, airbrush tool, eraser and many more.

Layers can also be created. A background layer will be created first, then other layers can be added as more images are created. This allows the users to work on layers separately, rather than the whole image. When the user has finished they have the choice of flattening the image, which means combining all the layers together, which is useful for saving the image in a particular format, as some saving options cannot handle more than one layer.

When you work on your layers separately, you can alter the transparency of your image, and use other features.

The most recent version of Photoshop was released in 2005, and comes with Adobe Camera RAW, which allows users to import RAW files from their digital cameras and import them to Photoshop.

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