What is a serial number for photoshop cc?


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The serial number for Photoshop has always been fairly easy to find when you were installing Photoshop with a disk, but now with Photoshop CC (which stands for Creative Cloud) you don't even need a serial number!

All you need to do to access Photoshop CC is the following:

  1. Create a Adobe User ID
  2. Register for the Adobe product you'd like to try out.
    This will allow you to get limited access completely FREE
  3. Once your trial period is over, you'll have the choice of whether to purchase the full version or not.

In many cases though, people find that using creative cloud is cumbersome, and some even discover that Photoshop isn't the tool for them.

In these instances, there are other image editors worth checking out.

For example, the following FREE alternatives to photoshop CC are all pretty popular, and do get the job done:

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