How Do I Emboss An Image In PhotoShop?


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Louise Gorman answered
To emboss an image, click on 'Filter' in PhotoShop and then scroll down to 'Stylise' and then select 'Emboss' from the scroll down list. This will bring up the emboss window. In the window, you can make alterations and use the '+' and '-' signs to zoom into the preview and you can use the 'Amount' section at the bottom of the window to select how much you want to emboss the image.    You can also decide on the angle of the shading by entering an amount in the box next to 'Angle'. Or, alternatively, you can use the wheel to select where you want the shading to be on the embossed image. The 'Height' section allows you to alter how much depth you want the image to have i.e. How much you want to embossed image to stand out.    When you have altered all the settings, click 'OK' to apply them to the image.

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