How Do I Lighten A Dark Photo In Photoshop?


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Abadit Ali answered
To lighten a dark photo in Photoshop, follow these steps.

Start Photoshop and open the file by going to menu File -> Open or double click on the empty area in Photoshop. Both options will open the dialogue box from where you can open your photo.

Maximize your photo by pressing the maximize button and then set the zoom of the photo, so the entire photo can be visible in the window. You can use the Ctrl + or Ctrl – for zoom in or zoom out.

After setting zoom, select from menu bar Image -> Adjust -> Brightness/Contrast. A dialogue box will open with two options (1) Brightness (2) Contrast and a checkbox for real time preview. Select the checkbox so that we can see the changes real time.

Now move the slider of brightness and contrast to right. The real time preview will show you the changes. Adjust both sliders until you get your required level of light. When you get your desired result, then press OK button. The picture will be clearer then previous.

If you are not satisfied with the result you may use the UNDO (Ctrl + Z) command. Please note that Adobe Photoshop supports only one level of UNDO. If you have done more than one steps, so that you can use Alt + Ctrl + Z.
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Using Brightness and Contrast is one of the most basic ways for lightening dark photos. You have much better options in Photoshop such as Exposure, Levels and Curves that do a much better and more controlled job. You can also play with layer blending to bring out much more light than Brightness and Contrast. Photoshop is an extremely powerful image manipulation tool. If it's Brightness and Contrast you're looking to use you might as well use Microsoft Paint haha

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