What Is Form Handler? How Can It Be Developed?


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A form handler is a server side script, which is used to process the online form information. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is only used to display information. This language is also called the data display language. This language is not capable of processing the data. By using HTML we can design an online form to get information from the user and can send this information to a web server. But what will happen when the information is sent. Here comes the form handler.

A form handler is a script, which can be developed using any server side scripting language (like ASP, PHP, JSP, PERL, CGI and etc). The information sent by the HTML form is always in the form of Name and Value pairs. Two methods are used to send this information, Post and Get.

We can send this information to an email address. We can store this data to a database. We can store this data to a text file or in cookies or we can send back this information to user via web pages.

Form handler scripts can be found freely on the website., are useful resources to find these scripts. Some scripts are free to use and some requires payment. Free scripts provide almost the full functions.
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Form Handler: As well all know specially the people who are involved in web page development that we have different tool available in HTML with the help of these tools we can perform different tasks, form designing is one of them through forms we can collect different kind of data e.g. employment forms, national security forms etc.

But there is an issue for example you design a form in HTML and now a days publishing on the web is very easy all you need to do is to upload it to the web server and it start working, you have form on your web page you fill it out and click the "submit" button nothing happens yes its true nothing will happen because in such scenario you need Form Handler so now question will be runner in you mind what form handler actually is ?

Its answer is very simple the form handler is a separate program that is installed on the web server which handles the forms; all you need to do is to mention the form handler in the HTML tag that clarifies its path that where in the web server the form handler is located, it is very important to understand that form handler is a separate program which is needed to be installed on the web server e.g. and you have to mention its path in your html tag

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