How Do I Read My Hotmail Email?


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I don't know what to do to get into my hotmail messages
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You are living in the era of internet where reading an email is among the easiest job to do and to perform the act you will have to follow some simple steps. The first thing you are required to do is to open the website of hotmail and then go for the email option. When you are at the particular segment, the website will ask for your email identification and also your password in the space specified for it. When you fill both these columns and then click on the enter button, you will have access to your email.

When you are inside, you will have several folders in your email and you just need to click on the inbox option. You will find that all the emails that you have received are there and you can choose the email that you want to read and by clicking it, you can read the contents of the email.

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