How can I make an email address with Hotmail?


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Google Hotmail and click on "Sign Up" and follow the sign up procedure which usually means you have to think of a hotmail username which will be your hotmail address and a good password to sign in and you might need to verify your account by providing some additional information like another email address or mobile number.

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How to make an email address in Hotmail?

To make a email address simply go to and click on Sign Up Now at the bottom of the page. From there you can then create your account and you will be able to select if you want a address or a address. Before you can use the account you will need to verify who you are. This is done by a text message to your phone or a phone call which gives you a code that you enter into the sign up page.

Once the account has been created it won't matter which address you have of the two you end up with the same interface. You can also within that login to Skype to chat to friends and family in real time over their website which you are dealing with your emails.

The actual Hotmail service as it was when it originally launched in 1996
no longer exists and it now sits under the banner.

Skype, Hotmail and Outlook are all separate brands but are all owned by Microsoft.

Hotmail / Outlook are extremely popular email services and as of last year had 400 million active user accounts.

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