What's The Difference In Kb And K Size File?


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Kilobyte is a unit of computer storage of data and abbreviated as KB or K. So if you are using 1705K than it means you are using 1705 KB. You are far ahead more using than 200KB. For details, click here
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It doesn't seem as though anything is simply described as "K" when it gets technical but kb (lowercase) and KB (uppercase) are different things.  Kb is the term for kilobits and KB is the term for Kilobytes. There are 8 bits to a byte. I found a bandwidth calculator:

as per the calculator 200KB=1600kb. That might be why you're getting some trouble.  About.com had some (kind of vague) info on the difference but described that "IP addresses contain 32 bits or 4 bytes..." meaning a 8:1 ratio. You can see that page here:

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I don't think so there is any difference between them. As Kb is Kilobyte. N simply k represents Kilo. So as per my knowledge they both are same.

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