What Is The Relationship Between MB, KB, And GB In Reference To Computer Software Memory?


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KB, MB and GB are units of memory in computer. KB stands for kilobytes which mean 1024 bytes. MB means megabyte which means 1024 KB. And GB is gigabytes which mean 1024 MB.
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1KB = 1024 characters
1MB = 1048576 characters
1GB = 1073741824 characters

There are just over a thousand bits in a Kilobit (KB), there are just over a thousand of those in a Megabyte (MB) and there are just over a thousand Megabytes in a Gigabyte (GB).
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Your answer is basically correct except for a couple of things:
1. You are confusing bytes with characters. True, usually a character takes up one byte on most computers (the ones that use 8-bit bytes). But with Unicode encoding of characters and with some languages (like Chinese) that have a large alphabet, it takes two or more bytes to represent most characters.
2. You are confusing bits with bytes; a Kb (Kilobit) is 1024 bits, while a KB (Kilobyte) is 1024 bytes, or (usually) 8192 bits.

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