Why Is Bing On My Computer?


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Step 1 click on Start.
Step 2 click on Connect To.
Step 3 click on Open Network and Sharing Center.
Step 4 click on Internet Options.
Step 5 highlight 6 Press Delete.. It is gone :)
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BING is the new search engine for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. You will see it on IE7 and IE8. You can still type in GOOGLE.COM in the Address window and use Google Search but I think BING is a better engine. Like all other Microsoft products that uses Microsoft (such as Windows Vista), you cannot get rid of it but you can use other search engines.
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I do not agree that bing is better then Google. Why is it better, while I have much more answers with Google. Maybe in a year or 2, it may become better, but right now? NO no no
Be logical and it seems that oyu are interested due to other reasons??? Maybe

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