I can't do Buzzfeed quizzes on my computer. Why?


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Hi, I'm having the same problem for some time now and have had my browser's java script enabled since ever.. Still doesn't work

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If you're having problems seeing or completing Buzzfeed quizzes, then it could be because JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

JavaScript is a  programming language that developers use to animate or bring static web pages to life with transitions, animations, and all sorts of cool things.

Buzzfeed quizzes really quite heavily on javaScript to display properly.

However, some browsers allow the option to turn off JavaScript as a security measure.

This keeps your computer safer from malicious software on certain websites, but also means certain websites won't display properly.

If you want to turn JavaScript on/off in your browser, then here's some further reading I suggest you check out.

It will help allow you to load and do Buzzfeed quizzes, that's for sure!

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