My Computer Is Not Showing My Sound Driver. How Do I Get It Back?


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ITS easy it happened to me . Just go to device manager and click on the driver with a yellow ? And click update and it will find your driver for you:)
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I have installed and reinstalled several times and my computer is not sowing my audio driver and software,my sound card is realtek
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Do a system restore and that should work just go back 3 months before you had the virus just to be safe.
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What type of operating system [o/s] win_98,me,xp?
Power off, disconnect power cord, take out sound card, power cord pluged in, power on. And after cpu[computer] is on,REBOOT. After reboot, turn power off,disconnect power cord. REPLACE CARD BACK into cpu, replug power cord, turn cpu on. It should "see" your sound card and will try to reinstall drivers. Do you have the original installation disk, cd, etc for the sound card? Use that. If not the cpu will try to install universal or generatic drivers.
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Well it might be a problem with your sound card driver that is why you cannot find your sound driver properly working. Just right click your computer and then properties and finally click on device manager. There you will find a restore button just click it and your driver will be back to same position.
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Reinstall the sound card driver. ( it should sort out the problem) if its not hardware fault.

Do you know your sound card details? Or it would be difficult to find out driver. You will have to reinstall the windows otherwise. Because windows automatically fix this problem.

Here are some sites where you can find your sound card driver >>>>

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