I Am Trying To Download Picture From My Cricket Samsung Sch-r430 Phone To My Computer And It Won't Let Me.From My Understanding I Have To Have Some Kind Of Driver For It.Where Can I Get That Driver At?


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How Do I Use My Cricket Phone As A Modem Or Transfer Data Between It And My Computer?

Samsung does not offer a Data Kit software package, for the purpose of transferring data between the handset and a personal computer or for using a Cricket handset as a modem for a personal computer. However, depending on the model, there may be a media card slot located on the side of handset or in the battery compartment that allows information to be transferred to a personal computer with the use of a media card reader.  For information on selecting the correct media card reader, please visit the Samsung Accessory website or check with a local computer store to purchase a media card reader compatible with both your computer and the media card type.

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