How Do You Write Software Requirements Specification?


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In order to write the software requirement specification first analyze the running system where the software is required for.  There are the different formats to write the software requirement specifications. But some commonly used formats are as follows:    1. Write the shortcomings of existing system after the analysis of domain. These are the drawbacks that make us to move to some more efficient system.  2. Describe the objectives of required system that should be fulfilled to overcome the shortcomings of existing system.  3. Describe the features of proposed software and develop a feasibility report.  4. Draw a logical diagram of the proposed system. There are mainly two ways 'structured' and 'object oriented' commonly used for system analysis so, logical design depends upon the way of analysis.    This is the general description of writing the software requirement specifications. These may somewhat vary depending upon the type of software or type of domain of software. Some times there is no existing software i.e. The existing system is manual. Thus in different situations the format of writing the software specifications may differ.
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Some brief points to write Software Requirements Specifications (SRS):

Cover Page
Revisions Page
Table of Contents
1.1 Product Overview
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Scope
1.4 Reference
1.5 Definition And Abbreviation
2.1 Product Perspective
2.2 Product Functions
2.3 User Characteristics
2.4 General Constraints
2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies
3.1 External Interface Requirements
3.1.1 User Interfaces
3.1.2 Hardware Interfaces
3.1.3 Software Interfaces
3.1.4 Communications Protocols
3.1.5 Memory Constraints
3.1.6 Operation
3.1.7 Product function
3.1.8 Assumption and Dependency
3.2 Software Product Features
3.3 Software System Attributes
3.3.1 Reliability
3.3.2 Availability
3.3.3 Security
3.3.4 Maintainability
3.3.5 Portability
3.3.6 Performance
3.4 Database Requirements
3.5 Other Requirements

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