What Is Software Actually About?


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Computer consists of two main components: Hardware and Software. The hardware consists of physical devices like keyboard, mouse, monitor and the system unit which we can see and touch. The system unit have further different components like hard drives, CD ROM, RAM and so on. On the other hand software are the programs which we install (copy) in the memory of computer and which utilize these hardware resources to perform our assigned tasks and give us the output according to our needs. These programs are designed by the programmers to make computers interact with us in a friendly and easy to use way. Software can be categorized in three main parts: (1) Operating Systems, (2) Programming Languages and (3) Software for specific purposes like MS Office for office usages, CorelDraw for graphic designing and HTML for website designing etc.

There are many operating systems which the computer users select according to their needs. Basically the function of an operating system is to control the resources of computer running in the background and to interpret between human being and the computer. There are also many programming languages which are used to write new programs for computers. The programmers develop market oriented software to make computers more efficient to handle our issues and resolve the problems. Finally there are hundred and thousands of software for specific purposes. Everyone chooses these already available software for his own requirements.

So, you can say that software is a program that utilizes the resources of computer hardware and make the use of computers convenient for us so it can do the jobs assigned by us and give us the desired results.
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The computer itself cannot perform any kind of useful work for the user, instead it needs a pair of commands or a set of instructions that inform the computer what kind of work a user wants to accomplish, and these set of instructions is called a "Software"
A software in computer terms is a set of programs that is used to perform either a specific or general task depending on the nature of the software.

Software's are of two types,application software and system software.
The System software is basically the operating system we use these days such as, Windows XP or DOS(Disk Operating System), these kind of software's operate the functioning of the components of a computer system such as controlling the storage medium and also controlling the running of other installed application softwares to a system.

The Application software is used to solve a variety of problems depending on the need of the user,such as if the user wants to work on accounts managment he need's to install MS-Excel that is used for doing work on spreadsheets and similarly if the user wants to write some sort of a letter or application MS-Word is the application software for it.
Application sotwares are monitored under system softwares.The Application software is used in various fields such as for web-designing Macromedia Dreamweaver is used, for audio editing Adobe Audition is used, for chatting and online communication MSN is used and for graphic's related work Macromedia Flash is used.
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Software: In a very simple way the software can be defined as the computer instructions with the help of which computer perform different tasks. It is just like and instructor do this do that etc. There are two main categories of softwares the following are the two main categories with examples which will make both of the categories clear.

(1) Application software: The application software is the subset of computer software that helps the user to use the computer resources for his desired processes. The most common example of application softwares are the word process, spread sheets, media players etc. When numbers of application softwares are bundled together they are called the application suite. Actually the application software are made for the end user and they are user friendly.

(2) System software: In a very simple way it can be defined as the middle ware between the application software and the hardware it assists the application software instruction and provokes the relevant hardware process for example when you give the "save" command from Msword which is the application software the system software which is in this case is the operating system (windows XP or Vista etc) gives the instruction to the processor to process the command and save the files on the desired drive e.g. harddisk, memory stick etc.

(3) There is another category as well which is called the middleware that control and coordinates distributed systems.
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Softwares are basically of two types.
1) System Software
2) Application Software

A Software can be defined as it is a bunch of programs (code written in different programming languages) for a specified task. (to accept input and give desired output to user).

System Software is intermediate between the user and the system as we know computer doesn't understands our language the System Software helps us to give computer commands.
eg.Operating Systems

Application Software is a bunch of programs written to perform a specific task.After execution of application software user gets desired output.
eg. ms word, notepad etc
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Software can be various modes as per the industry needs, Like a web based and system based.

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