Which Software Is Used For Weather Forecasting?


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  Will it rain today or will it be a warm sunny day? Will there be snow or hurricane in the next 24 hours? It is important to know the weather forecast for some sections of the society like the farmers, people living near sea coast and pilots to name a few as their daily routine is dependant on it.

  Weather forecast is the tricky science of predicting the state of atmosphere in the near future and at a given location. It is a complex job involving data collection and compilation, massive computation with help of models and then deciphering into a language that the common man will understand.

  Data like the humidity, wind speed and direction, temperature, atmospheric pressure, etc is collected through radars, satellites and observation posts in a standard format. This is further assimilated and analyzed. Simulators like the Numeric Weather Prediction (NWP) take the assimilated data as the point of reference and predict the state of atmosphere using the principles of physics and fluid dynamics. The output is the basis for weather forecast. This is further processed; modified and known biases are removed before the end user can understand it. Basically these steps consist of weather forecasting system.

  Today it is not one computer NWP models but several types which predict weather. Weathercaster Gold, Storm Predator, Weather View32, Meteorology Wizard v3.2, Global Tracks are some of the common weather forecast softwares.

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