How Can I Write My Name In My Own Wallpaper?


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Making wallpaper is simple using the normal Paint program on the PC. A picture can either be created in Paint, or another image can be opened from a folder. A name can be added by using the text box tool.

  • How to Add Name to Wallpaper
The first step is to open the image that is going to be the wallpaper. To do this, click on File, then select Open. This will open a dialog box where the picture has to be selected.

Then go to the folder where the picture has been saved, locate the picture and either double click on it or highlight it and the click on open. It needs to be a fairly large picture, as choosing a smaller one will either have a little picture sitting in the middle of the screen or distort the image when it is stretched to fit the screen. 1120 x 840 is usually plenty.

The name can now be added by using the text box tool from the toolbox on the left. The A is the tool to be selected. The cursor has changed to a cross. Decide where the name is going to go, then place the cursor to the top left corner of the chosen area, left click the mouse, hold down and drag the text box open to the desired size.

To get rid of the white background, click on the rectangle at the bottom of the tool box on the left. Now type the name. If the text toolbar for changing fonts is not already there, go to View and click on Text toolbar. Font and font size can be changed from here, to change colors click on one of the colored squares. When finished, save the image, then go to File and select Set as Wallpaper centered.
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Well Go to Google and Pick Any Picture you want and Download it.Upload it it the Program called " Paint " and then Write your name using Brush or Text.
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Just refer to site and you will get an idea for that.....

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