What Are The Two Types Of Computer Keyboard?


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It's not completely clear what you mean by this question, so I'm going to illustrate a few different types of computer keyboard in the hope that I can answer you.

Keyboard Layout
There are four main types of computer keyboard layout:
These differing layouts correspond roughly to the preferences expressed by those who write in different languages, with QWERTY being the default choice for English-speakers.

An alternative layout, known as DVORAK, was patented in 1936 by Dr. August Dvorak. The idea behind his design was to simplify keyboard layout, in order to reduce the amount of finger motion required when typing, and to thereby improve typing speed.
DVORAK keyboards have failed to replace QWERTY keyboards, but all major operating systems support them.

Keyboard Ergonomics
The traditional keyboard design (shown in the image at the top of this page) forces the arms together in an unnatural way, and causes the wrists to bend uncomfortably. Ergonomic keyboards were developed to address this issue.

The keys are broken down into two distinct groups, set at an angle apart from each other. This encourages a more natural typing position.

Mutlimedia and Gaming Keyboards
The competitive nature of the computer industry forced designers to innovate so, in order to add value to such a basic and boring device, manufacturers started adding additional shortcut keys (hot-keys), along the edges of the keyboard.

These keys offer instant access to email, volume control and audio playback.

Gaming keyboards take this a step further, adding programmable key clusters and key illumination. Typically, gaming keyboards will be intended for people who play first-person shooting games.
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There are basically two types of keyboards available: Wired, and wireless.
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The two types are QWERTY and DVORAK!
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