What Do All The Keys On The Computer Keyboard Mean?


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You will find a great in-depth guide to what each key on a computer keyboard means at the following website:
When you visit the website you will notice the diagram of a typical computer keyboard. You can either click on each individual key on this diagram and it will then explain what the key is used for. Or you can scroll down below the diagram and you can read the entire list of keys and their uses.

Computers are an integral part of everyday life nowadays and this reliance on technology and in particular computers looks like increasing further and further in the future. Therefore it is a great idea to try and learn everything you can about computers and how to correctly use them.

Many jobs now require the worker to be completely computer literate and so would not consider employing someone who is unable to use a computer sufficiently.

If you wish to learn more about computers and get a lot of great advice and guidance then there are many IT type courses out there. You may even qualify for getting the course for free if you are of a certain age or rely on benefits. There are both courses based online and also ones that you would attend a college or school for.

Being able to use a computer has become as important and things such as learning to drive and as stated earlier the need to be able to be computer literate will increase ever more in the coming years.

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