Can Anyone Explain The Different Group Of Keys On The Keyboard?


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Keyboard is input device and is used to give input to a computer. Keys are the buttons on the keyboard. Keys on keyboards are divided into four groups; Function keys, the Typewriter Area, Numeric keys and Cursor keys. There are 12 function keys on the top of keyboard. These keys are marked as F1, F2, F3 ….F12. All function keys have predefined meanings which depend on the application software. Typewriter area consists of numeric keys, symbol keys alphabetic keys, and special function keys. There are 26 alphabetic keys in typewriter area. English alphabets are marked on alphabet keys in capital letter. There are 14 numeric keys in typewriter area. With these digits are some special symbols on the top of digits. This part of typewriter area has 21 keys of symbols. Some symbol keys are combined with numeric keys. We can write these symbols by pressing symbol key plus shift key. There are different symbols such as @, #, $, %, * etc. in last part of typewriter area there are special function keys. There are 11 special function keys. Theses keys are arranged on keyboard like typewriter and behave like standard typewriter. The numeric key pad has 17 keys and is easy to use for operator.

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