Why Aren't The Keys On A QWERTY Keyboard In Alphabetical Order?


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Hello Boss answered
Because the original keyboard followed the same design as the typewriter.
The typewriter was set up that way to prevent the keys from jamming up.
If it was set up in alphabetical order, the type keys most used would be too close together when depressed, causing them to jam up.
Also, most people that used the first keyboards already knew how to type on a typewriter, so following the Same design made it much easier to use a keyboard. People did not have to relearn how to type all over again.
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John answered
Because they were found to be the easiest to use to form all words over time is my guess.in other words by trial and error they found this set up was the easiest for all to use when forming words used in the everyday english. Just my hunch. I guess also today they could use a computer program to figure out the highest used keys and make a new keyboard set up that could be even more efficient than the qwerty set up.
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It saves a lot of misspellings, they are arranged so that they are efficient in being faster for the fingers to reach without stopping you or messing you up. If they were in order, it would be more difficult to type as fast as people can. Hope this helps.

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