How can I prioritize my internet connection so that I am able to get 90% of the bandwidth with a D-Link DSL-2730E Router?


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I don't understand your question.

ALL a router does, is connect to the internet and various equipment.  So it already receives all the bandwidth your provider is providing.  If it's not receiving the full bandwidth available, you need a different router - one rated with the full bandwidth capability.

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Mahaganesh Maha
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maybe I just don't know how to ask the question, i have 1Mbps of internet speed. as you will know 1 Mbps is slow, this will get wrost if my sis starts to use the internet (wifi) and this will cause me to not be able to use the internet because i think that my router will give her priority first before me and the funny thing is that i'm using a direct connection from my router, i can't game because my ping is ridiculously high and the internet is to slow for me to watch anything online

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