Can I Replace The TV Screen?


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Of course you can. Most electronic products and parts are replaceable, especially the modern ones. Unless you have something from the 50s, you can have it replaced if you wish to do so.

The world is getting more digitalized every day and many people are really taking advantage of that. Our homes are now filled with electronic gadgets performing either one function or the other and even if it is not generally used by the family, it may be an electronic toy for the children. One of such electronic products seen in almost every home is the TV set. It helps us see what is going on in the world. They are prone to damage, particularly the TV screen; due to its delicate nature.

There are a lot of things that can make a TV screen go bad. Due to the low quality of some TV sets, you can switch it off at night and wake up in the morning to see that you can’t see anything on the screen again.It may also happen due to an accidental drop, or mistakenly hitting something on it. A cracked TV screen may be giving you problems. If your TV is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer or their representatives and discuss possible repairs or replacement. Who knows, you might just get a new product by paying half the price of a new one which may not even be up to the repair amount.

If the repair cost is more than half of the TV’s value, you might as well consider getting a new TV. Some industries now offer special packages for people who are willing to bring back their old TV sets and other electronic gadgets. For instance, if your product is from Apple, you will get some subsidy for a new TV set if you return the old one for recycling.
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I have a 36 flat lcd sharp and the inner lcd is cracked. Theres a cracked image and it is not viewable. Still can hear it... Can I get a replacement screen and where can I find it?
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Yes it can be replaced provided it has not damaged the other parts of your television. Here is a link from where you can directly ask for repairs:
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You might not like the price you get when you go to replace it. Often when an LCD is cracked the cost for a new LCD screen will as much as a brand new TV. You're probably better off picking up a new TV and protecting the new one with something like a TV Screen Protector

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