Can I Down Load My Tv Africa Channels To My Decoder And Watch On My Tv?


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My TV Africa, based in Nigeria, is a television service available throughout Africa (excluding South Africa).

The service has a set of channels and shows aimed at everyone, and provides something of interest for every member of the family, no matter what your age or taste.

This includes:
  • Sport.
  • Movies.
  • Kids TV.
  • News.
  • Documentary Channels.
To set up My TV Africa is a relatively simple process.

  • Firstly get in touch with your local authorized My TV Africa dealer, this can be found via the My TV Africa website ( under the service inquiry section.
  • Secondly, once you have a satellite system and receiver installed, point the dish towards Intelsat 10 (68.5┬░East), and insert a My TV Africa smart card into the receiver.
  • Next turn on the receiver and make sure it is tuned to MY TV Africa. A few moments later a picture should appear.
  • Finally, make sure your subscription/Smart Card is valid, or else it will cease.
With a cost of approximately $0.50 USD, subscriptions to the service come in terms of one, three or 12 months. They are available from a number of locations, and can be paid for in the following ways:
  • Scratch Card from a My TV Dealer.
  • E-PIN purchase from a My TV Dealer.
  • A CITISERVE Outlet.
  • Via Interswitch/direct debit payment through a bank.
My TV Africa is a per-per-view service, therefore many channels are encrypted and can only be accessed via those who have paid a subscription fee.

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