How can unlock scrambled channel on strong fta decoder srt 4669x?


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Adam Yare answered
Unfortunately this is not easy to do and the advice online for this seems to produce conflicting information. Some users insist you can use a security code to unlock the scrambled channels whereas others believe you need to do something to the dish.

Therefore the best advice would be to contact the company you bought the decoder from and ask them if it is possible to unlock scrambled channels and how you would go about doing this.

You also need to be careful when buying and setting up a decoder as streaming some channels into your home could actually be illegal. Therefore you should check before buying a decoder that it is definitely legal and all is above board if you plan to tune into the extra channels on offer. Most staff in a TV store should have enough knowledge to know if it is a good idea to have one and if indeed you can be in trouble if you are caught using one.

Many people will use the decoder if they are living in a foreign country and wish to still watch their country's channels, Although this sounds harmless, due to global TV rights issues it can cause a lot of controversy.

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