May you provide me with codes to unlock channels on my Wiztech Decoder?


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  • Where to find them
This site seems to be very good for what you are after: Not only do they provide step by step instructions, but they also provide an online question and answer service, with what seem to be fairly quick responses.

  • What are Wiztech decoders?
Wiztech decoders are a brand of decoders that, once attached to your satellite dish, can enable you to receive some channels free of charge.

  • The legalities of using a decoder
Before you decide to go ahead and rig up a decoder, so that you can receive free channels, there is something that you should be aware of and that it is against the law to use a decoder on your television set; as it seen as theft.

Companies that ordinarily provide these channels for a fee are losing out on custom as more and more people are supplied with their services without cost. It is because of this that using a decoder is wrong and immoral.

Extra television channels are a luxury, not a necessity, and so if you cannot afford them, you should not take them anyway. Just because you are not actively taking something from another premises does not lessen the crime, and it is this strong attitude that the authorities will take should you get caught.

Currently, the businesses that supply channels at a cost to the customer are taking a more stringent view of those who simply take them and it is highly likely that if you are caught you will be prosecuted.

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