How Do I Program The Emerson/Sharper Image Jumbo Remote Control For Panasonic DVD Home Theater Sound System SC-HT670?


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If you've lost the codes for your Sharper Image jumbo remote control, there are several specialist online sites that can help. 

One,, is dedicated to the device, and has a list of TV codes and a downloadable user's manual.

You could also try the manufacturer's customer service department, on 1-877-714-7444, or email them via their

Alternatively, you could try one of the online repositories for remote control or electronic appliance manuals, such as or

If you're still struggling for a manual or the codes, you could join one of the online appliance fixing communities such as or

To look at the answers to a similar Blurtit question, go to: The Sharper Image Jumbo Universal Remote Code For Panasonic, Can You Help?

There are a number of appliance specialists on YouTube, providing films of how to program universal remotes, such as Expert Village. Here's one of their guides on remote controls:

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