I attempted to log in to my facebook account and someone totally hacked the whole thing and I cannot even get into my email to prove my own real identity. This person changed my password, my profile pic to theirs ect.) What can I do?


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Yin And Yang answered

This happened to my daughter recently. Someone hacked into her account and posted a bunch of pictures of boobs. She had to contact Facebook and close the hacked account and then started a new one explaining what happened if they happened to see boobs on her profile. ­čśĺ

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Steven Lucas answered

Discovered that my hot girlfriend was just using me and have been having
sex with another guy even before she met me when i finally got the
nerve to spy on her cause i don't understand the mixed messages she has
been giving me for a while which i can see now is clearly intentional. I
confronted her with the truth and we broke up, its better to be single
than to be in a bad relationship, Cybervenom6 is the hacker that helped
me when i badly needed to spy on her. You can reach him via gmail for
help with anything, i have referred him to friends with different
requests and he helped them all. I still work with him

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