How Do You Delete Or Cancel A Account?


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  • How to delete a account
To delete your Lockerz account you simply need to send an email to '[email protected]' with the title 'Delete my Account'. This process may take a few days to complete. You will be sent a confirmation email to which you will need to reply confirming that you would like to delete your account with Lockerz.

  • Why delete your account?
Many people who use are worried that the company are giving out personal information such as their date of birth and email addresses to other companies who will then target them with advertising. assure all users that they do not do this They say that they require details such as your date of birth to find out the demographics of people who use the website and then know who their target audience is. Certain questions are asked in order to establish what products should be sold in the gift shop. Knowing people's ages makes it easier to know what to stock.

  • What is
Lockerz is a homepage system which will automatically load up when you first log into your computer. It is a place where you can keep track of all your favorite websites including shopping and style sites and social networking sites. It gives you the opportunity to share your favorite sites with your friends and the site is proving to be very popular with younger generations. It is aimed at 13-30 years old and there are over 19 million users. Special deals are often offered to the users of the site offering discounts on the type of products they usually browse through or purchase. is a members-only website and you must sign up to use the site and benefit from personalized discounts.

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