What's The Difference Between Application Software And System Software?


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The software are divided into two main categories i.e system software and application software. System software includes all the programs and softwares designed by the manufacturers to run the system. A computer system can't run without the installation of system software in the computer. System software includes operating system, windows, DOS etc. Application software in contrast to system software are user written applications and user defined programs for example Microsoft power point, word, excel, games, note pad and other applications. The functions and instruction are written by the user in the case of application software whereas instructions are pre-coded by the manufacturers in the case of system software. Both of them are integral parts of computer system.
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System software are computer software that are designed to operate or monitor the operations of the computer hardware components and to provide and maintain a platform for running application software. The most common example of system software is the operating system while others include system drives, device and utility managers.
Application software are software designed to help users perform specific task in other to solve perticular problems. The most widely used example of an application software is the Word processor which can be used to create letters and memos or for preparing any document that needs typing. Other examples include; typing tutor, games, spreadsheets, graphics-building software etc
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A Application software as is Ms word ,internet explorer excel, Firefox etc.
A system software as is Unix ,Windows , Mac Os, Oracle.
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