What Is System Software And Application Software? What Is The Difference Between Them?


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System software is a set of one or more programs,designed to control
the operation and extend the processing capability of a computer system.

Application software is a set of one or more programs,designed to solve a specific problem or do a specific task.
System software makes the physical machine do work.
Application software makes the system software do work.
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The main difference between aplication software and system software :
Application software allows you to perform some task such as msword ,powerpoint imges, ms excel ect so that you can urself create it modify it delete it where as in system software  you can't perform all this task it is like operating system such as windows 95,linux,unix,macintos so that you can use the enhance features that is system soft ware simply  system sofware can't be change for example can you change the file menu as life menu or can you change the edit menu as tdie menu no because there are predefined we can only use the contents (like save as,save) but in application soft ware you can write the text and delete the text  or you can update the text  in application software

I think you r clear about system and application software
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System software is system dependent  where as application software is not a system dependent.system software is a efficient than application software.
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MS Word
MS Excel
MS Powerpoint
MS Access
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What is system software and application software? What is the difference between them?

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System software are running processes on your computer. They are necessary features in order for your computer to run and do the things that computers are expected to do.
ie boot, logging in,connect to the internet, ect

an application software is not as neccasary as system software, although a software program can contribute a lot to your sytem, not having it them will not affect you using your computer or affect your computer working...

overall non system software is an exra to support you
but sytem software is needed no matter what...

hope this helps....

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System software is like a MAC or OS, it basically forms a foundation and takes care of the most basic task of the computer. Application software is like MS word, adobe photo shop, enternet explorer. It runs on top of the operateing system and performs a number of task for the computer.
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System software's are used to run or control  the system (i.e) computer or laptop. Example: Computer OS, like windows, linux, unix.

Application software's are used to do particular operation or tasks only.Example: Ms office (used for doc), Skype (communication),Google chrome (web browser) etc

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The Operating System is the System Software that makes the Computer work. We can say that an Operating System (OS) is Software that acts as an interface between you and the hardware. It not only contains drivers used to speak the hardware's language, but also offers you a very specific graphical user interface (GUI) to control the computer. An OS can also act as an interface (from the hardware) to the other software. A complex OS like Windows or Linux or Mac OS offers the services of an OS, but also has applications built in. Solitaire, Paint, Messenger, etc. Are all applications.Application software is the software that you install onto your Operating System. It consists of the programs that actually let you do things with your computer. These Applications are written to run under the various Operating Systems. These include things like your word processing programs, spread sheets, email clients, web browser, games, etc. Many programs, such as most of the Microsoft Office suite of programs, are written in both Mac and Windows versions, but you still have to have the right version for your OS.So, the Operating system of a Computer is the Software that allows the Computer work. It provides the framework under which the Applications run. An operating system is the type of Computer system you have such as Window XP or Window 95, 98, Mac, etc. The Applications are the Software that actually allows the user to do something with the Computer. Without the applications, all you can do is change settings and navigate among the folders. 
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