What Is The Difference Between Software And Program?


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SOFTWARE is a collection of some programmes which is designed for specific task to be done.while the programme is a set of instruction written in a comp understood language to do a specific work. Ex: Calci is a software and the instructions written to add two numbers is a programme.but calci has many functions for all of which has different programmes written..
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A program is a set of instructions written in a programming language to perform a particular function. Many programs combine together to form software. While software refers to a collection of several programs and other procedures and documentation.

Software is also used to perform a task. The most common programming language used for making software is C and C++. Software is of two types that is system software which is the operating system and application software.

So a program is a set of instructions for performing a task whereas a software is made up of several computer programs.

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Software is the programs and all associated documentation and configuration data which is needed to make the programs operate correctly.
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A s/w is developed for a third party for the sake of money whereas a program is written for self use and convenience.
A s/w consisted of not of coding,bt also program,documentation and manuals whereas a program is only consisted of coding.
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A program is a set of instructions written by an individual in a programming language
to perform a particular task,whereas Software is a set of program that is basically known as coding  of software ,for a group of user and written by a group to execute a  big task in a less time.
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Software is a program or set  of programs that reside in main memory while a program is simply a list of instuctions for the computer to execute
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A program is an instance of an algorithm written in some programming language such java, C++ but software is a collection of individual programs well packaged to run on a computer.

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Shivam Vatshayan

Shivam Vatshayan, I am a code writer but in phase of learner !!

Updated Sep 30, 2018

SOFTWARE-Software are made up of two or more than two programs.

It instruct computer processor to perform specific operation .

(In simple words it give instruction or data to computer processor(CPU). .)

It also known as operating system such as windows,UNIX,XP,etc

PROGRAMS-A computer program is a collection of instructions that performs a specific task when executed by a computer. A set of instruction telling a computer what to do(instruction is in the form code .binary.)

A software can be program but a program can not a software .

Software typically consists of files while programs can be files or even notes.

“Software is daddy whereas Program is son”


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