What is Tinder desktop?


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Tinder Desktop is a version of Tinder which is designed to be used on a PC, or laptop, as the original was exclusively a mobile app.

There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding Tinder, and no doubt Tinder Desktop will only increase the buzz. To me, Tinder is perhaps the most soulless of dating apps, but it doesn't pretend to be much else, so I've got to give it some credit.

Users are presented with very little information about their suitors, usually just a name picture, and age before they say yay or nay. I've never had the joy of using Tinder myself, but it seems fairly obvious that Tinder is unlikely to help you find a meaningful relationship.

Tinder Desktop offers no variation from the original app. But, if you want easy access to a list of possible hook-ups, which you can browse when you should be hard at work, or if you think you’re in need of another social media platform that you can endlessly refresh, then maybe Tinder Desktop is for you.

However, using Tinder Desktop isn't without its risks. You should be careful about what information you divulge to your new 'friends', and always be extra cautious when meeting strangers.

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Tinder Desktop is a version of the Tinder app which runs on PC's operated by Windows.

In order to have it fully functioning you must go through a few simple steps, namely:

1 - You need to first download Andy Android emulator software to your computer. It is available for free on the official website ( 

It’s trusted software and used by millions of users, therefore pretty safe.

2 - Then you need to click on the installer file you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

3 - Once the software starts running, it will ask you a few simple questions which will complete the setup and you will end up seeing an Android tablet like user interface.

4 -You will then see the Google Play store app within Andy (just like on any Android device). Launch that app.

5 - Using the Google Play search tool, search for "Tinder app".

6 - Finally click on the “Install” option to begin the automatic installation of this app on your computer.

I hope this helped.

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