What is Tinder emoticons?


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Emoticons are those small icons that people often use when communicating with each other via text and even through apps like Tinder.

They are pictures that can be displayed in a text. When it comes from choosing Tinder emoticons, the list is just about endless.

You can use emoticons for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes they are used to emphasise a point, while at other times, they can be used to add a sense of playfulness to a message.

Tinder users like emoticons because they often reflect real emotions, facial expressions and even personalities... in the context of a dating app, I'm sure you can understand why being able to express these feelings can help you match or connect with someone!

If you’re somewhat goofy, you can use emoticons to demonstrate this. If you’re feeling sad, you don’t need more than a sad face to communicate how you’re feeling.

There aren’t necessarily any special kinds of emoticons that are used in Tinder. When you’re messaging someone, you’ll use the emoticons usually assigned to your phone. This is the same list that will appear when your texting someone.

Emoticons can be fun to use, but don't overdo it - try to use them to underline a point, not to make the point for you.

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