What is Tinder reset?


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Tinder reset is what makes it possible for people using Tinder to have all those profiles they didn't like before, available once more.

It is important to point out, that there is no specific reset function on Tinder. HOWEVER there is a way of doing exactly what a "reset" button would do...

In order to "reset" your Tinder, you must delete the app from your phone and install it again. By doing this, all the profiles available in your surrounding area will now show up on Tinder again, even if you previously swiped left on them!

It really is that simple.

The downside to resetting your Tinder in this way, is that you also lose all the contacts that you've previously made friends with. That can be heartbreaking for some!

Unfortunately, resetting an app often means giving up on some cherished data.

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