What is Tinder kcco?


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KCCO is a relatively
new acronym which stands for “Keep Calm and Chive On”. It
originates from the popular blog “The Chive” ( which is a huge internet resource for funny videos, photos, memes and much more...

So KCCO is not something which is specific to Tinder, it is used across the internet on social media. The hashtag #KCCO is frequently used on Twitter by fans of The Chive, or "Chivers" as they are known. The context is similar to the "Keep Calm And Carry On" saying it is derived from, in other words, stay the course no matter what, don't stress too much about life and enjoy it. It is has a broad range of uses in the same way that "yolo" does. The context really depends on the user.

The chive part of the saying has nothing to do with herbs, and actually comes from CHIcago and VEnice beach, where the founders of the blog originate from.

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