What is Tinder undo swipe?


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Tinder is a really popular app where people can meet others by choosing to swipe right when they find someone that appeals to them.

The problem with this app, however, is that if you swipe left by accident, you lose out because the potential candidate disappears from your lineup.

Undoing a Tinder Swipe

This problem has naturally led people to look for a solution, but unfortunately, there just isn’t one. There is no Tinder “undo swipe” option. In fact, tinder has the motto “YOSO”, which basically means that You Only Swipe Once.

Many people have asked Tinder why they have this YOSO policy and they are yet to provide an answer. For now, it is best you take care when you choose left or right, because you are not going to get a redo.

By the way, you will find this Tinder movie trailer pretty funny, it's all about someone who wishes they could undo their accidental Tinder swipe:

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